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UNO The Anti-carrier! 

What's your current provider's motivation to help you do things better and cheaper?

Why would companies that were created based on usage models ever help you eliminate or diminish your dependency on legacy services?

At UNO we believe that innovation should not be something you plan for in the future, it should be a constant, helping you drive your business forward and increase your margins.

UNO's DNA is a combination of entrepreneurship, former big carrier employment and a passion for technology.

With this unique DNA we will help you navigate the challenges of keeping your business running while introducing new technologies to keep up with customer demands and ever decreasing patience for outages, degradation of services,
or lack of modern communication channels.

It's 2023, businesses can not expect growth without innovation, antiquated service models seem robust and reliable but they are anything but, most vendors are just the same recycled business model reselling you the same commodities, putting you and your business through the same cycle of big promises and eventually even bigger excuses.

About Us

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Developer Voice/SMS -API &

Chat BOT

Developers can build their applications to make and receive calls and Text Messages. Integrate and control from your application or platform. 

Automation platform allows you to harness the power of AI by providing virtual assistants across all communication channels.

Enterprise Toll Free & Outbound LD Domestic + International 

Our customers see in average 30% to 50% savings while adding redundancy and control.

What We Offer

Network, Peering

& Data Center

Direct Access to 35 + Tbps of total network capacity, 77 hosting/ Data Center facilities and 225+ points of presence worldwide (AS 41095)

World Wide Numbers

Ability to receive and terminate voice calls and SMS from 116 countries.
DID, ITFS and in Country Toll Free
Local SIP Trunks available in 46 Countries. 
RTP gateway and SBC capabilities also available in most regions.

Cloud IVR,ACD Smart Queue & Call Recording  

With our No-Code application, deploy flexible call management and routing solutions that scale with your business all in the cloud with recording and storage options to fit your compliance requirements,



Deep Industry Knowledge

We have worked and deployed solutions for some of the biggest names in the industry, we also have helped the worlds largest BPOs and Contact Centers optimize and modernize their infrastructure

We understand the complexity and nuances of doing business overseas and we can always count on our relationships with some of largest carriers in the world.

Years of Experience

Yes we have been around the industry for a while, but we are known as the innovators, the team that's always finding better, faster more efficient ways of doing things, we have worked with all those companies that started in a small office or an incubator,  just to become some of the biggest unicorns in Silicon Valley, well now its your turn, let's turn your company into a much bigger success or allow us to use our experience to help you improve while also getting you some savings.

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